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Acuere_Selling-Behaviours_02Case Study
Check the following scenario to assess what small improvements can do to the bottom-line! This is a sales based scenario - over the coming weeks we will add scenarios across all roles.






Scenario Assumptions

Sales Consultants 10
Annual Revenue per Sales Consultant $1,000,000
Length of Sales Cycle (Months) 6
New Hire Time to First Sale (Months) 6
Sales Consultant Churn (% per Year) 10%
Total Annual Revenue $10,000,000
Existing Close Rate 40%
Average Deal Size $50,000
Time Spent on Non-Productive Tasks  15%
Gross Margin 30%


Increase Close Rate from 40% to 52%

Increase in revenue $3M (30%) 

Increase in Deal Size from $50,000 to $55,000

Increase in revenue $1M (10%)

Decrease Sales Cycle from 6 to 5 months

Increase in revenue $2M (20%)

Reduce Non Productive time from 15% to 10%

Additional Revenue $600K

Reduce Time to First Sale from 6 to 4 months

Additional Revenue $167,000 (1.7%)