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Read the following testimonials below from happy Acuere Customers.

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Corporate Travel Management

Hi fellow Customer Centric Selling team

I trust you are all well.

I thought to share with you all the result of the “Withdrawal of Outstanding Proposal” technique acquired during the recent Customer Centric Selling course we attended.

I submitted a proposal to a prospect in January 2012. Since then I have followed up countless times with no response from their end. Seven months later (yesterday), I sent out the “Withdrawal of Outstanding Proposal” email and received an immediate response from the client in less than one minute!

I consequently have found out that there is a new Champion and I have scheduled a refocus meeting for next week!

It really works!

Kind regards
Sophia Simos
Manager, Business Analysis & Solutions


"We have been utilising the Blue Ocean model for the past 7 to 8 years with great success and are continuing to grow our position in the 'Blue Ocean'.
Great philosophy. It has put us in a commanding position in our markets and left the opposition fighting for the scraps on price and 'traditional marketing'".
Gary Brits
Financial Controller


“I wanted to let you know about the exciting sales course I recommend for anyone who is customer focused. I completed this course as part of our focus on better sales management and forecasting, along with putting a global sales methodology together for our sales team. This sales methodology is used as standard for Business Objects, HP and Futrix to name but a few!

As most of you know Futrix has been placed 19th fastest growing company in the Deloitte fast 50 for the last two years in a row, and our struggle to sustain this enormous growth has seen us concentrate on revenue generation and being able to focus our sales teams better on sales that are going to close rather than spending months on sales that have no future. The CCS course is a step by step approach to assessing that you are talking to the right people, at the right level, and getting a compelling message across quickly with a number of milestones for accountability. This new approach has seen our sales increase enormously.”

Clare Howden

Blackbaud Pacific

“I don't understand how any company would not want to utilise this process. CustomerCentric Selling® is superb and within two weeks of the program we feel we have already generated outcomes equal to the investment we made."

Kevin Sher 
Sales & Marketing Manager

T.A.C Pacific

“A great way to refocus your customers input into the sales process and improve customer qualification as a real buyer with less sales force effort”

Brendan Walker
Energy Edge Account Manager

SCF Containers International

“A great experience that certainly strengthened my abilities. I believe everyone in a position involving the selling of services and/or products must understand the key elements of selling. Nobody likes being sold to.”

Matthew Harris
National Manager

Dingo Maintenance Systems

“Deb is amongst the most competent senior trainers it has been my privilege to work with. She has a deep understanding of her subject and interacts well with clients of all levels; as such her delivery is second-to-none. I would have no hesitation in recommending Deb and Acuere to any business that requires a motivated, wellarmed sales force ready to produce results.”

Cliff Rogers
General Manager

Scholle Packaging

Excellent course, CCS will help me put framework around my work and I am sure it will help me and my company be successful. I will be interested (and excited) to see how I can implement the skills learnt in my job."

Paul Woods
General Manager


“It was a very helpful course with an excellent facilitator”

Lauren Walsh
Business Development Manager

RedDot Solutions

“Impressive and Informative understanding the science behind selling”

Owen Brandt
Technical Services Manager

Open Text

“Very informative & well put together”

Atholl Johnston
Sales Manager


“I gained a lot of value from these three days”

Kelly Tafatu
Account Director


“The course is very useful. I have been able to achieve my goal of providing more structure for my preparation and delivery”

Liz Drummond
Business Development Manager


“My colleagues and I got so much out of the course and were also very pleased with the level of service and hospitality we received from the Acuere staff.”

Andy Marks


“CCS is a fantastic course and I would highly suggest for anyone to do it. I now have a clear understanding and knowledge of the CCS process and look forward to using it in ‘real life’ situations.”

Danielle Bradtke
Sales Rep

Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance

“Excellent training in a selling process. Providing processes & techniques to achieve sales”

Bronwyn Mills
Membership Manager

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