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Acuere_SageCRMSage CRM
is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy, feature-rich, low-cost, Internet-based CRM solution designed to introduce the real benefits of CRM to your organisation. Sage CRM uses industry-leading technology to foster better business practices and effortless information exchange throughout your organisation.

Internet-Based CRM

With Sage CRM, you can quickly analyse, manage, and synchronise sales, marketing and customer care activities across all points of contact. Regardless of how, when or where your customers, partners, and prospects choose to interact with your company, Sage CRM gives you a decisive advantage by providing comprehensive, easy-to-use tools to successfully manage these relationships. Sage CRM offers a full range of hosted or onsite deployment options, which means you get complete flexibility to run your business your way.

As your business needs change, you can quickly and easily switch deployment environments (from hosted to on-premises deployment, or vice versa), and all your CRM configuration and data move with you.

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