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Read the following testimonials from happy Acuere Customers.







Toro Australia

"We believe that by implementing Sage SalesLogix we have saved 4000 hours in staffing resources per year."
Acuere introduced the philosophy of CRM to Toro Australia, where they truly understood the objectives we were looking to achieve for our business. Before offering a solution, Acuere ensure that they knew all our requirements and specifically aligned them with the appropriate system that would meet our needs.

Tim Hogan
Manager of Business Intelligence


Clean Room Garments

"We decided on SalesLogix because of its flexibility and because SupportLogix could be interfaced with our current system."
SalesLogix has enabled Clean Room Garments to streamline their customer support process. The support team can give 100% to their customers by having all history and notes at their fingertips. Acuere has worked closely with us and we felt comfortable with Acuere's ability to implement SalesLogix within our company - we did not want to introduce a new firm.

Paul Bradley
Financial Controller


Woolworths - Every Day Money

“The implementation was completed on-time and well within budget."
The solution was implemented in record time commencing just seven weeks prior to launch of the credit card rewards system. Installation included customisation of the solution and training of the 130 customer sales representatives. Sage SalesLogix will provide call centre staff with a complete view of customer interactions enabling collaboration and rapid response to reward program customers' inquiries and sales opportunities.  Sage and Acuere delivered us a system that not only meets these requirements but has already become second nature to our 130 customer representatives. I wish all system implmentations were this smooth and effective.

Doug Lindsay
CSC Manager



“Sage SalesLogix gives sales executives more flexibility and more opportunity for what they do best, face to face selling.
This automated system gives Aristocrat sales staff ownership from quote to cash and allows them to complete the entire order process either on or off site, making sales order queues a thing of the past. Another key benefit of Sage SalesLogix is that it enables Marketing to provid quality support to the entire sales force. It helps campaigns and promotions staff target customers more specifically, Sage SalesLogix will also help us gauge their effectiveness and cost margin more accurately. This, combined with up-to-date customer databases, will highlighten the overall understanding of our customers' needs."

Warren Jowett
Executive General Manager Australia

Commander Communications

“You have contributed well beyond that of a typical technology partner.
I was very proud when, at a recent listing meeting, our chairman and three other directors publicly acknowledged the success of the project. We have accomplished a great deal in the past few months. We have defined almost every operational process in the business, trained over 800 staff, implemented an entirely new technical infrastructure, migrate many gigabyte of data and managed the transition from the old environment to the new environment. Together, we have done this with almost no disruption to business activities and in a creditably compressed timeframe. I congratulate you on being a key contributor to this project. We will get together to formally celebrate our success."

Steve Evans
General Manager - Data


“Sage SalesLogix has streamlined the quoting system and made it more efficient. Management can have up-to-date data on understanding quotes, trends and with more accurate forecasting.”

Trevor Gould
Managing Director

Business SA

“Business SA has chosen a product and partner that will allow us to expand our organisation and keep up-to-date with today's changing business environment. Thanks to Acuere, we've been given the essential building block that will allow us to grow.'
With firm objectives in mind, Business SA went in search of a provider. Acuere stood out because they made the effort to understand our unique requirements and prepare a tailored solution. The fact that Acuere has a South Australian base meant staff would always be on hand to provide support. Sage SalesLogix has had an immediate impact on work efficiency and service to Business SA members. The system's superior navigation capabilities and user friendliness means Business SA staff are finding it much easier to locate customer information. This means that answers to members' queries are instantly available.

Nigel Turner
Chief Financial Officer

Thomson Reuters

“Sage CRM has allowed Thomson Reuters to focus its time on its customers rather than the day-to-day paperwork.'
The biggest challenge for the project was that there was very little time in which to train staff before a busy period occured. Acuere helped us greatly to manage the process through effective training and support. The most challenging technical aspect of the implementation involved the creation of an effective user interface to match the unique workflow's of our business processes. Acuere provided us with the support that we needed, by allowing us constant input into the creation process. There was also a high level of user-acceptance testing.

Richard Avery
Production Manager

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