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Acuere-Sales-Mentoring-CoachingImproving your team's sales performance could have a significant impact on your bottom-line. You may have a specific issue you need help with or would like ongoing coaching to keep your team on track.

Acuere has been helping businesses achieve their sales goals for 17 years, and as the only licenced CustomerCentric Selling® trainer in Australia, can deliver unique and practical recommendations on how to improve your organisation's sales performance.


Drive-by Training:

The problem with the quick-fix mentality

Society today, is fast paced, with little time for everyday tasks let alone training for their executives and sales focused teams. Couple with this we are faced with the Global Ecomonic Downturn which has left the majority of companies focused on cutting costs rather than investing in skill sets to increase performance. These days companies are looking for a 'quick fix' to solve problems and to improve their financial results.

The quick fix has affected personal expectations and business practices. Businesses are turning to this mentality for training and developing their sales and customer facing teams. They are providing training which is short and inexpensive yet expecting them to develop new skills to increase performance. Unfortuantely, quick fixes often sacrifice long-term progress.

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